Industry Reputation – Benefit or Burden?


Ask any organization in the energy or financial sectors and they’ll tell you: the reputation of the industry you’re in can heavily influence your organization’s reputation. But this can also be a positive as well, as is the case for brewers in Belgium. We recently published a research brief comparing the impact of industry on two different industries in Belgium: Brewers and Insurance. These two industries illustrate scenarios that many companies face across sectors globally and bring to light an opportunity for organizations to consider their industry reputation as part of their corporate communications strategy.


In the figure above, you can see the comparison of Brewery and Insurance industries across 11 European countries and with the exception of Turkey, a similar trend emerges in the elevated reputation of brewers versus insurers. So what does this mean to organizations within these industries? How can industry reputation play a part in reputation strategy?

Analyst insights

The Brewery industry is consistently more reputable than the Insurance industry across several European countries. The Belgian Brewery industry is better reputed than individual breweries in Belgium. However, for the Insurance industry the reverse situation holds. There we see that the Insurance industry is far less reputable than individual Insurance companies in Belgium. Due to industry perceptions in Belgium, the reputation of individual breweries in Belgium benefit, while individual insurance companies see their reputational potential impeded. The strong reputation of the Belgian Brewery industry not only benefits from a rich national beer heritage, but also from joint efforts as an industry to promote the product and their contributions to society. -  (RI Analyst, Benelux)


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.52.20 AM


Get the research

Access the research brief, “Is your industry helping or hurting you? Insights about the industry spill-over effect of the Brewery industry and the Insurance industry,” to see how organizations can leverage their overall industry reputations to create greater support for organizations within the industry.



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