FAQ About Employer RepTrak

What is Employer RepTrak?

Reputation Institute’s Employer RepTrak® is a management tool specifically designed to understand what motivates top talent to choose one company to work for versus another. It helps Human Resources executives understand how to leverage their company's reputation to attract top talent.

Why is reputation important for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) and their teams?

Given the tight global labor market and the high costs of recruiting and onboarding unfit hires, attracting and retaining top talent is an internal priority for companies worldwide. Increasing a company's effectiveness in attracting talent reduces recruitment costs and the time it takes to onboard them. This directly impacts profitability.

What other trends are impacting Human Resources and corporate hiring efforts?

Ri's Global RepTrak 100 research has found that even the most reputable companies around the world tend to trigger only an average and undifferentiated workplace perception. Our data shows that reputation is an emotional lever that boots support, including a potential employee's willingness to work for a company.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is impacting CHROs as it is impacting most other executives. Leaders will benefit from actionable data and insights to help companies pair with the best talent for their organization. The Employer RepTrak has been developed to respond to these new data needs within HR and People departments.

How is Employer reputation measured? 

Employer RepTrak measures the reputation of companies as an employer.

Employer reputation is evaluated using a unique model that includes measures of rewards, market leadership, products & responsibility, workplace environment, and professional development.

Through extensive research, Ri has designed an Employer Reputation scorecard using 26 attributes that shape an individual's perceptions of a company through the lens of employment opportunities.

How does this compare to the measurement of company reputation using the core RepTrak methodology?

Like Ri’s core RepTrak methodology, the Employer RepTrak is a predictive measurement of behavior, linking employer reputation with job seekers' choices such as their willingness to work for a company, recommend a company to others, and give them the benefit of the doubt in turbulent times.

The Employer RepTrak data provides insights on how to attract and retain talent by identifying the most important drivers for their recruiting objectives. The system allows companies to track their Employer Reputation over time and benchmark results with companies that are competing to recruit from the same talent pool.

How is Employer RepTrak data collected?

Companies will be measured through the lens of their own employee acquisition targets. In that sense, the stakeholder measured through this study will be configured to the recruiting goals of each client. A company may want to attract Millennials or Generation Z, another may want to recruit from a specific area of expertise, so Employer RepTrak sample may be configured to the specific audience tied to internal HR goals. This includes external stakeholders like potential employees, employment agencies, universities, and influencers, as well as internal stakeholders like current employees.

To qualify into the study:

  • Respondents must be "somewhat" to "very" familiar with the company.
  • Respondents must have an informed opinion regarding the state of the company's reputation.


Isadora Levy

Isadora Levy
Senior Consulting Manager
Reputation Institute





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