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Dr. Andrew Tucker is Vice President, Data Science Director, and a member of the Reputation Institute’s (Ri) Global Leadership Team where he champions the company’s digital reputation data practice. Andrew founded Mettle Consulting which was acquired by Ri in 2018.

Andrew Tucker

RI’s data science team applies state-of-the-art digital media aggregation and machine learning to the RepTrak methodology to service clients across their reputation intelligence needs. Andrew has delivered machine learning programs for PwC, Accenture, and McKinsey, and has built natural language processing solutions with both Oxford and Cambridge University Computer Science departments. Andrew holds a Ph.D. with Distinction in Political Science from Georgetown University and has taught at University College London and Brunel University. 

What is Media RepTrak?

Dr. Andrew Tucker: We're very proud to introduce Media RepTrak as the newest addition to the suite of RepTrak solutions provided by Reputation Institute.

The short answer is that Media RepTrak is a business intelligence system that measures the effects of the digital conversation on corporate reputation while providing actionable insights that can be used to make better decisions regarding corporate strategies, communications, PR and marketing. 

The more in-depth answer involves a deeper look into today's digital world. It's not surprising that companies are overwhelmed with the volume of available data.  Do leadership teams know what is being said about their business across all channels? Which stories are building momentum? And what actions  should your organization take to mitigate or leverage this narrative?  
But, perhaps most importantly, do you know how the digital media conversation is impacting your bottom line?  
Media RepTrak links the digital media conversation with stakeholder perception.  Stakeholders are the people who matter most to your business — customers, investors, employees, and regulators — their support is essential if you plan to grow and be profitable

Through machine learning and natural language processing, our proprietary Media RepTrak algorithm collects and analyzes, for topics and tonality, only the conversation that correlates to the seven business drivers of reputation.  

The historical conversation is analyzed and aligned with perception data to provide leading indicators of reputational effects of the digital conversation.  

What makes Media RepTrak unique? 

Dr. Andrew Tucker: Media RepTrak is the only data analytics product in the market that utilizes machine learning at scale to classify digital media conversation by the RepTrak seven drivers of reputation. It uncovers the impact of digital conversations based on tonality and volume.  

Ri also employs a human component of data validation to ensure the algorithm is properly classifying the data and properly feeding this validation back into the system.  

How can Media RepTrak help Ri's customers? 

Dr. Andrew Tucker: Media RepTrak answers these pressing questions:  

  • Is the media enhancing or hurting my corporate reputation?
  • Which topics are impacting reputation?
  • What are the opportunities or risks resulting from digital conversations?
  • How should the likely reputation effects be mitigated or leveraged?


How does Media RepTrak fit into the suite of Ri's products? 

Dr. Andrew Tucker: Ri has been collecting perception data for our customers for almost 20 years, so we have a heck of a lot of data to share.

Media RepTrak is an especially appealing solution because it empowers us not only to examine the digital conversation as it pertains to reputation in the present, we can also examine the effects of that conversation on past perception analysis.  

We can make the connection of what is being said in the media to how stakeholders will perceive an organization in the future. With that treasure trove of data, we can begin to explore more predictive analytics – and address conversations that will have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line before there is a negative impact. 

Media RepTrak

What's next for Media RepTrak?

Dr. Andrew Tucker: We are excited to formally launch Media RepTrak in global English to existing and new customers as an expansion to their Perception RepTrak deliverables.

What does our roadmap look like? We are actively coding data in French and Italian to build the Machine Learning capabilities in those languages. We will begin the work on Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese next.  And our Methodology team is hard at work integrating the media and perception data to create the standard of predicting reputation. 

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