Measuring Reputation Risk Podcast with Kasper Nielsen

Ri co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Kasper Nielsen, was pleased to discuss the importance of measuring reputation risk with The Risk Management Society (RIMS) on their RIMScast podcast.

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Listen for Kasper's insights on:

  • Why reputation data & insights are crucial for companies to measure
  • How intangibles, like corporate reputation, are becoming more important to risk management professionals
  • The differences between crisis management and reputation risk management

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What is RIMS?

As the preeminent organization dedicated to promoting the profession of risk management, RIMS, the risk management society®, is a global not-for-profit organization representing more than 3,500 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable and government entities throughout the world. Founded in 1950, RIMS is committed to advancing risk management capabilities for organizational success, bringing networking, professional development and education opportunities to its membership of more than 10,000 risk management professionals who are located in more than 60 countries.

About Kasper Nielsen

Kasper Nielsen is Chief Strategy Officer at Reputation Institute and a Member of the Board of Directors. Kasper is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing the products and services that guide companies on their reputation journey.

Since 2004, Kasper has played a leading role in the development of Ri into a global leader in Reputation Intelligence. In 2005 Kasper opened the Ri US office before developing the European markets, specifically focusing on establishing a presence in the UK and France.

Over the years, Kasper has consulted companies from across 20+ industries in 30+ countries on how to measure and manage their reputations. As a reputation expert, Kasper was instrumental in designing the Global RepTrak study, which is the largest study of corporate reputation in the world. He is a frequent commentator on reputation topics in the media and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times, Bloomberg, as well as on local radio and TV around the world.

Interested in learning more?  Here’s the ROI for measuring and managing your reputation, and getting ahead of reputation risks.

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