Pharma Reputations Struggle to Keep Up with Other Industries [Podcast]

Research Director at Ri, Sven Klingemann, dove into some of his recent work on reputations in the pharmaceutical industry with Pharma Exec.

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Listen for Sven's insights on:

  • Negative perceptions that currently impact the industry
  • How pharma companies can work to improve their reputations
  • How corporate responsibility (CR) and ethics play a role in the industry

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About Pharma Executive

Pharma Exec is a leading industry publisher that provides news on the pharmaceutical industry to leaders in the field. Through their magazine, website, podcast, and other channels Pharma Exec offers key commercial insights for the c-suite.

About Sven Klingemann

Sven Klingemann has a passion for research and consulting across a wide range of industries and methodologies. His decade-long experience in data and analysis, project management, and client advisory has included work in areas such as advertising, brand equity research, media testing, consumer technology, pricing and promotional optimization, as well as reputation measurement and management. As part of the Ri team, Sven focuses on thought leadership, best practices and innovation related to reputation insights, modeling, and precut development. He has a Ph.D. in sociology with a minor in Applied Statistics from Indiana University.

Interested in learning moreabout reputation in the pharmaceutical industry? Here’s an overview of our most recent research on the U.S. pharma industry.

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