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2018 Global CSR 100 RepTrak Data

Global CR RepTrak 100 is a global survey based on more than 230,000 ratings from the General Public across the 15 largest economies, collected in January-February 2018. It ranks global companies based on their performance in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), now refocused and refocused as Corporate Responsibility (CR). 

In 2018, only one company—Googlemanages to attain a strong CSR score. The rest of the companies sit in the average range. Among the top 10, there are 5 new companies: Natura, Novo Nordisk, Canon, Michelin and IKEA join the top ranks. BMW, Intel, Cisco, Rolls-Royce Aerospace and Colgate-Palmolive slip from the top 10 since last year.

Download the report to discover the top companies with the best reputations for Corporate Responsibility (CR) worldwide.

Learn more from our guide on how to improve your corporate responsibility here.

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