Key Learnings about Brand and Reputation


On June 15, RI Expert Stephen Hahn-Griffiths led a discussion on the interrelation of brand and corporate reputation and more specifically, how to leverage your organization’s brand purpose to positively impact your corporate reputation. Hundreds of thousands of stakeholder interviews over the last 11 years have shown us the increasing interdependence of brand and reputation and that the most reputable companies have brands that convey a purpose that they execute on measurably day to day.


But wait a minute – aren’t Brand and Reputation the same thing?

No. One of the major points of clarification when discussing brand and reputation is the difference between the two. In many ways, reputation is the view of the corporate brand through the eyes of a stakeholder. Or put another way, think of brand as a declaration of intention whereas reputation is a reflection on whether you’ve made good on those intentions. [ Read More: What’s Brand Got To Do With It? ]

Video insights: The inextricable link between brand and reputation

8 Key learnings about brand and reputation

  1. A strong reputation is inspired by a deep sense of brand purpose
  2. Companies with a strong brand purpose have higher global repute
  3. Perceptions of brand are shaped by a triangulation of “do, say, are”
  4. Key trigger points of “do, say, are” drive brand strength
  5. Correlation between brand strength and reputation is irrefutable
  6. Brand strength gives companies the advantage of an emotional halo
  7. The multiplier effect of leveraging brand strength is significant
  8. Key brand persona traits amplify emotional brand strength

You can download our guide or view the recorded presentation to understand the data that drives these points.

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