Winning Millennials in the Dutch Financial Sector


Google ‘millennials’ and the results are endless. As a generation, they are under the microscope constantly as organizations around the world dedicate resources to understanding what makes them tick. But before we paint them all with the one brush, Millennials can vary widely across geographies and industries. In a recent research brief, we honed in on the perceptions of the 3 largest Dutch banks and how their reputations varied amongst Millennials versus non-Millennials.


In the figure above (Figure 3), you can see the reputation scores over time of the 3 largest Dutch banks. The aqua line represents the Pulse scores amongst Millennials; the royal blue line represents Pulse scores amongst non-Millennials. Over the last five years, the gap in Pulse scores has been widening between the two groups, with Millennials exhibiting more positive perceptions of the banks.

It’s crucial for these banks to understand why this gap is occurring, how to harness the power of the supportive Millennials and how to regain ground with non-Millennials. Analyzing how each group views these organizations across the seven RepTrak® dimensions helps identify where these differences in supportive views occur.

Analyst insights

‘Interestingly, generation differences are limited in the Netherlands. Yet, looking   at the three largest Dutch banks, Millennials are far more positive than Non-Millennials. The Products & Services   and Governance practices of these banks play a crucial role in this.’ - Nadine Kleeven (Research Analyst, RI Benelux)


Get the research 

Download the full research brief, “Millennials are crucial for the reputation of the   three largest Dutch banks,” to see how financial organizations in the Netherlands   can gain support across Millennial and non-Millennial stakeholders and which   dimensions matters most to each group.






Nadine Kleeven

Research Analyst, Benelux
Reputation Institute


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