The Role of Strong Leadership in Driving Stakeholder Support


Recent news items surrounding the CEO of Uber and the President of Samsung are just a few examples of how an organization’s leadership plays a large role in corporate reputation. We sometimes refer to the Leadership dimension of our RepTrak® model as the ‘driver of drivers,’ mainly because an organization’s leader represents the values of an organization and has the platform through which to communicate activities in other dimensions.

In a recent research brief, we investigated the increasing power of the Leadership dimension through the lens of two organizations: Microsoft and Wells Fargo. We also examined how organizations can set their leaders up for success in terms of creating thought leadership platforms and communications strategies that drive stakeholder support.

Ri expert video insights: Leadership measured

RI Experts Brad Hecht and Ché Knight recently discussed the Leadership dimension research from our study, as well as their insights related to the tactics deployed by Microsoft and Wells Fargo.  Watch the highlight below as Ché and Brad examine the historical data for these two companies and the importance of strong active leadership in shaping a brand’s reputation or recovery from a crisis. Also you can download the full (free) research brief, The Importance of Leadership in Managing Reputation, to explore the findings and tips for developing your own reputation leadership.

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