Retailer Colruyt Tops Belgium RepTrak Ranking


Since 2011, Reputation Institute has published a reputation ranking of the largest, most well-known companies in Belgium. In the recently published results of the 2017 Belgium RepTrak® by Reputation Institute’s partner akkanto, retailer Colruyt tops the list for the sixth time. In this seventh edition of the Belgium RepTrak®, Colruyt achieves an excellent reputation score of 80.1. By doing so, this Belgian enterprise is slowly but surely building a streak that is almost as impressive as that of Philips, which set a world record this year in claiming the top position for the tenth time in the Dutch ranking.

In second place of the RepTrak® Belgium this year we have the airline company Brussels Airlines with a score of 74.3, followed by Belgian mineral water manufacturer Spadel with 72.1. Supermarket chain Delhaize De Leeuw is in fourth position with a score of 70.8. Brussels Airport, victim of terrorist attacks on March 22, 2016, is in fifth place.

2017 Belgium RepTrak® – Reputation ranking


Notable impact of ethical management on the reputation of Belgian companies

In 2017, there was a focus on the influence of CSR (corporate social responsibility) on company reputations. Colruyt also tops the list in this aspect; the company attained the highest CSR-score of all measured companies (73.3). Runners-up are Spadel (67.7) and the pharmaceutical giant Janssen Pharmaceutica (67.0).

What is remarkable is that these scores generally lie 3.8 points lower than the Pulse scores. Even though companies attain lower scores on the so-called CSR-dimensions (Workplace, Governanceand Citizenship), the study shows that these dimensions have a big impact on company reputation. The worldwide RepTrak®-results demonstrated that especially Governance (ethical management) is a big influencer on company reputation. This trend can now be observed in Belgium as well: after Products & Services, corporate Governance weighs the most on the reputation score.


Average impact of reputation dimensions on overall reputation – Belgium

Millennials give higher scores and move from words to actions

Finally, the RepTrak® Belgium analyzed one target group in particular this year: Millennials – youngsters between the age of 18 and 34. It seems that Millennials are, on average, less harsh on the measured companies. Banks featured in the list (KBC, ING, BNP Paribas Fortis and Belfius), for instance, attain remarkably higher reputation scores amongst young people as compared with other age groups. Brewer AB InBev and telecom company Orange also achieve notably better scores with this generation. What’s more, Millennials show the good impression they have of an enterprise more in their behavior than other age groups. Concretely this means that young people that assign high reputation scores to an organization are more prepared to work for them, to invest in them or to buy products or services from them.

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