Reputation: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure


These are some of the many questions that companies ask Reputation Institute (RI) every day. A company’s reputation can be impacted on many different fronts, all at the same time. Understanding how a company’s reputation changes over time is essential in today’s world. Every stakeholder group is influenced in many different ways from the tone of company messaging, to where they interact with the company, the news and simple word of mouth.

We’re all hearing the latest reputation hit in the news with Subway as a prime example. So, what is a company to do? Every company is vulnerable to a hit to its reputation. The first step to managing and, in turn, improving a company’s reputation is establishing a baseline of a company’s reputation, how it compares to others, and then tracking that over time. Hear about how RI measures reputation in this VIDEO.

On August 1st, we are launching the largest syndicated continuous reputation measurement tracking service ever in North America and EMEA. Companies can select the countries of their choice and the companies that they want to benchmark against and get started right away. RI will provide deep analytics and access to the data along with quarterly reporting to track company progress. Leveraging the syndicated tracker allows companies to gain insights immediately at an investment level that is affordable for all.

RepTrak® Pulse – The gold standard of reputation measurement

RI has built this reputation measurement tracking service on the foundation of the deepest normative reputation database in the world. Simply stated, RepTrak® is the gold standard of reputation measurement and benchmarking. The RepTrak® database uniquely positions us to give companies insight into historical reputation data for the past ten years and more than 800,000+ ratings per year from the general public. No other database has the depth and quality of reputation data that our RepTrak® does.

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Check out all of the US Reputation Measurement Tracker’s benefits and a preview of the program HERE.


SHG Stephen Hahn-Griffiths
 Executive Partner, Chief Reputation Officer
 Reputation Institute


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