Reputation Measurement: Three Golden Rules


Sometimes it takes a lot to cut through the unnecessary complexity of measurement programs. At Reputation Institute, we believe applying three simple principles to your reputation measurement will guide you to develop a best-in-class metric system.

The best professional business people appreciate that context is everything. And this has never been truer for reputation measurement and management. Understanding where your company’s reputation stands in the context of leading competitors both within sector and against those high performers from other industries provides your Board with the authentic comparisons the business needs to define where you are on your reputation journey – and where your point of arrival should be.

But context has to be balanced with an equally vital business principle: timing. Today’s world of news and social media means business leaders have to be able to measure and manage their reputation efforts immediately to gain competitive advantage.

And to help derive true competitive advantage, the third vital ingredient is insight. Going beyond the numbers to articulate what is really happening among public perceptions of your reputation gives you the right analysis to act on, whether that means enhancing messaging effectiveness, identifying through segmentation how stakeholders can advocate more strongly for your company, or genuinely understanding the impact of the many touch points by which stakeholders interact with your company, its vision and values.

September 2015 represents an exciting development for UK reputation leaders – the launch by Reputation Institute of the largest-ever syndicated continuous reputation measurement tracking service.

Taking the principles of context, timing and insight, clients can select the countries of their choice, and the companies that they want to benchmark against – and get started straight away. RI will provide the insight through deep analytics and access to the data, along with quarterly reporting to track progress swiftly. Leveraging the syndicated tracker allows companies to gain insights immediately at an investment level that is affordable for all.

RepTrak® Pulse – The gold standard of reputation measurement

RI has built this reputation measurement tracking service on the foundation of the deepest normative reputation database in the world: RepTrak®. Simply put, RepTrak® is the gold standard of reputation measurement and benchmarking. With historical reputation data available for the past decade, and more than 800,000 ratings collected each year from the general public, the RepTrak® database uniquely enables clients to understand their position in a context unmatched for depth and quality.

UK Tracker 2

Continue the conversation with us today, and check out all of the UK Reputation Tracker’s benefits HERE.


Ed Coke
Director of Consulting Services UK and Ireland
Reputation Institute

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