The Current State of the U.S. Banking Industry


On Wednesday, June 26, Ri's research featuring the most reputable U.S. banks will be published in partnership with American Banker. The study is conducted among 13,000 customers and non-customers of the 40 largest regional and non-traditional banks based on asset size that have a significant retail presence in the US. In advance of the publication, we'd like to share with you some of the data and insights we learned.

Stay tuned for the full American Banker article to reveal the most reputable banks in the U.S.


It’s been ten years since the end of the recession and there have been over $600 billion dollars in taxpayer bailouts. Now, the CEOs of some of the biggest banks in the United States are testifying before Congress about the current state of their industry.

Will they be able to convince lawmakers that they could again be trusted as reputable actors—actors who not only pursue their own financial success, but also contribute to that of their customers, communities, and society at large? While the political and legislative ramifications of these hearings are very much up In the air, many questions remain:

  • What is actually the current state of the banking industry’s reputation?
  • How far along are banks in rebuilding trust?
  • Are banks focusing on the right content and messaging to effectively build and manage their reputation (risks)? Our upcoming bank reputation study has the answers.

Ri partners again with American Banker 

Every year Reputation Institute, in association with American Banker, assesses reputation throughout the US Banking Industry. To be included as part of the study, which was conducted from March-April 2019, respondents must be familiar with the banks they are asked to evaluate and have an informed opinion regarding the state of their reputation.

In addition to evaluating the current state of the banking industry’s reputation, this year’s findings will focus on 5 key reputation management areas:

  • Content and messaging banks need to focus on and communicate to stakeholders
  • Reputation risks that matter most in the banking industry
  • Role of the CEO in the corporate reputation of banks
  • Ability to navigate the current political climate
  • Need for an effective influencer strategy among key industry players

Sven Klingemann, PhD
Director of Research
Reputation Institute

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