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Reputation Institute conducts an annual survey of the world’s most reputable companies, but also country-specific surveys. Just last week, we revealed that Amazon, Kellogg’s, and LEGO topped our 2015 survey of America’s most reputable companies. For our US RepTrak® 100 survey, we conducted more than 50,000 interviews with the US general public in 1Q 2015 – no small feat! That makes our survey America’s largest survey of corporate reputation. We announced the results last Wednesday and the word is spreading fast.

Our media coverage has included an article published online in Forbes that has surpassed 10,000 views in less than a week’s time. It has also included an article in TheStreet and the many hundreds of media hits as a result of our press release included Reuters and the Boston Business Journal, to name a few.

We’ve seen that the top companies have been touting their great achievement, too. Bayer, Hasbro, Shire, and Briggs & Stratton Corporation distributed press releases announcing that they made the list of top companies and they were picked up by major media outlets including CNBC and Bloomberg.

America’s most reputable companies have also been highlighting their accomplishment on social media. Krispy Kreme tweeted, “@Reputation_Inst That is such sweet news. Many thanks for the mention and recognition! #ShareTheJoy.” Whole Foods, in particular, elaborated on Facebook by posting “We are proud to have landed on the top 25 on the Reputation Institute’s annual list of America’s Most Reputable Companies, which looks at consumers’ perceptions… about organizations that they most trust, admire and respect.” And that’s just a few examples.

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So, what’s at the root of all this attention? The media knows that people care about companies and their reputations. And America’s most reputable companies recognize the importance of being a reputable company. Click here if you’re interested in finding out more about the return on reputation.


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